Paul & Suzanne were to be married at Eshott Hall on Saturday 27th November. With a winter wedding like this you Hope for decent weather. Well who would believe that on that morning we had some of the worst snowfall in that area for decades. Amazingly every one managed to get here and there were a lot traveling up from London!

My first thoughts were yee ha!, snowy pictures can be awesome and I wasn’t disappointing. The snow in the church grounds was stunning.

As the guests were arriving in a horrendous snow storm, I started to fear the vintage wedding car may not make it up to the church, but obviously someone was looking down on Suzanne that day as minutes before she arrived, a snowplough came through.

From then on everything was wonderful. A beautiful church ceremony then off to the Eshott hall for the reception.

As it was cold and dark no one went outside, but  the atmosphere was fantastic inside, as I wandered around capturing everyone enjoying the mulled wine, fine food and scintillating conversion.

So here are a few of my favourites from their day at Eshott Hall.